Principal’s Message

My name is Michelle Dungan, the Principal at El Monte Middle School.  I am looking forward to an exciting year of learning and growing with our students and working with our professional staff and you, our parents and community members.

My main goal is to ensure that every student is provided the highest quality of education possible in a safe and supportive learning environment.  Working together as a team with our staff and parents, I am committed to helping each student achieve their very best.  Every student is valued and worthy of our best effort.

In order to accomplish this goal, I have developed over the years a philosophical phrase:  The 4 A’s to Success.  These are:  Attendance, Attitude, Academics, and Activities.  I will be spending a considerable amount of time discussing and implementing these concepts into what we are already doing at El Monte Middle School.  I sincerely believe that by following these basic ideas embedded in these four concepts, our students will become well-rounded individuals and ready for the next phase, which is high school.  When we, as adults and role models, also follow these concepts, our students will better see the value of these concepts.

I am very passionate about the middle school years.  Most of my teaching and administrative years have been working with students and staff of this age group.  This is an important and critical time of transition – moving from the elementary experience and preparing for the bigger challenge of high school.  What happens during these few short years will have a lasting impression on their development and growth.

I hope each of you have been enjoying these past few weeks of summer, and now looking forward to a great school year.  
Principal Dungan